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Juice Cleanse #2

Posted on : 21-02-2012 | By : Liz-Ann | In : Breakfast, Dinner, Homeopathic, Lunch, Organic

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What a way to start a Monday – sleep in, start my juice cleanse from Love Grace Foods and have the rest of the day to do as I please!

I have to say, doing a juice cleanse on a day when you can just lounge around is absolutely ideal. It really makes the entire process so relaxing and enjoyable.

As you already know from my birthday post, one of the highlights of my day was getting our juices hand-delivered from Love Grace Foods. The service we received from Carissa-Ann and Jake was superb. They really made sure that we had the best experience possible with our cleanse – extremely professional, and most importantly, we could tell they truly care about what they do and the product they sell. Why can’t more people be like that?!?! (Don’t worry I’ll save my rant for another post)

I immediately unpacked the boxes and separated our 3 days of juices so that my boyfriend could do 2 days and I could do 1. The bottles were pretty cool, if you ask me:

Granted, I am no juice cleansing guru, but I could tell from the first sip of “Purify” that this cleanse was legit. My boyfriend was already on his 2nd (and last) day and he was debating trying to order more to extend his cleanse. Unfortunately, he has tons of work to do and no matter how you slice it, juicing does take some getting use to and for him, requires frequent naps throughout the day – something that he CAN NOT afford to do tomorrow. Everyone is different though, because I seem to have tons of energy from juicing for the first half of the day, and then I poop out extra early.

My absolute favorite juices were the sweeter ones, of course – that dang sweet tooth! I loved the “Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger” juice and of course, the smoothie was fantastic. Whereas my boyfriend fell fast and hard for the “Ginger Bomb”.

With the day coming to an end, I have to say, I feel great – but definitely excited to get to bed! We made one fatal error in our juicing day, today…we went to Costco!!! We actually managed to easily walk past the free samples, and even spoke to one of the “free sample” guys about our cleanse, but our imaginations were definitely running wild with what we would be eating tomorrow! As a result, I think our bill was slightly more inflated than usual. However, I am more than excited to chow down on seaweed salad, quinoa, grapefruits, flounder, and a trunkful of many other things that we purchased and can’t remember!

Until then, I’m going to bed!

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We loved supporting you and your boyfriend during your juice cleanse.

You guys are wonderful! Great blog and I’m happy to see such a healthy inspiring forum!!

We look forward to connecting again soon! :)


Thanks a million!:)

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