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It’s my BIRTH-DAY!

Posted on : 19-02-2012 | By : Liz-Ann | In : Dessert, Dinner, Fun

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I’ve never been one to get overly excited about my birthday – even as a kid. I never had my heart set on having my birthday party at an ice skating rink, or pottery studio, I never had grandiose expectations when it came to gifts, (I take that back. For a majority of my life, all I wanted and asked for was a dog), I hardly cared about my sweet 16 or the highly anticipated 21. I’m a weirdo, I know.

As I got older, I simply came to find the whole ordeal of planning a ‘get together’ quite exhausting. I mean, to plan a party or dinner and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves is a heavy burden for someone who has always been more worried about what everyone else thinks and feels, instead of making sure I was having a good time.

In light of this epiphany -> that I frequently do things for others, rather than myself, I planned to have dinner at Pure Food and Wine this year. Although I can honestly say the food is incredible from my own personal experience, not many people would necessarily jump at the chance to join me in celebrating my bday at a raw, vegan, restaurant that isn’t exactly cheap. Thankfully, a small crew committed to joining and it turned out to be a very nice night.

Of course, the entire day was pretty good. The peaks of my day included:

1) Juice cleanse from Love Grace Foods, personally delivered by Chef Jake!:) (FYI: I plan to start the cleanse AFTER my weekend of birthday festivities – stay tuned for more on my 2nd juice cleanse experience.)

2) Great kickboxing class to start off my morning, at CKO.

3) Baked more chickpea blondies to take to my parents’, tomorrow – can’t wait to see their reaction!

4) For once, getting to wear a semi-spring outfit on my birthday! Loving this warmer weather:)

I’m a sucker for taking pics of outfits just to be 100% sure I don’t need to return anything

5)Raw, vegan dinner with a group of great people.

6) Spending a late night on the couch with my best friend from high school.

Here’s a quick look at the raw birthday dinner:

One more day until I start the juice cleanse! I’m excited for Monday – Wow, that’s a first! It helps that I don’t have work this week:)


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